The coronavirus pandemic is shaking the whole world. Almost every corner of the globe is suffering due to covid-19. Millions of people are dying, and many businesses are shutting down. The covid-19 is undoubtedly one of the most destructive global issues. However, global issues that impact society goes beyond the pandemic. We take a look down below at the top global social issue that you need to know about.



The Top 3 Global Social Global Issue


Famine and Malnutrition

The food that we consume is essential for the excellent functioning of the whole body system. Food contains vital nutrients which strengthen the organs and bones. However, in many countries, famine is a serious issue. In various countries worldwide, especially the African regions, people are dying due to famine and malnutrition. Factors that are affecting the supply of food in these societies are poverty, excessive drought, political imbalance, and corruption.

Protecting Your Privacy is Becoming Challenging

Privacy is vital for both a business or an individual. The day the confidentiality of your business or personal life is out in public, you are doomed. Unfortunately, protecting your privacy is becoming more and more challenging to date. Nowadays, we tend to be over-dependent on technology. Indeed, technology is developing society with endless benefits. We store every single private data such as business matters, banking details, photos, and videos on technological devices. This makes it possible for wrongdoers to access your private data and information.


Education teaches us that every person on earth is born the same way, and the same colour of blood runs through our veins. But still, today, we are witnessing many different types of racism issues around the globe. In some societies, the colour of the skin is creating issues, while in other societies, women do not enjoy the same rights as men.