Kaftan is loosely fit clothing which is suitable for a variety of occasions. They have an Arabic history, however, they have remained one of the most trendy wears in the world. A kaftan allows you to express yourself freely without exposing your body. If worn appropriately, it will curb the appeal of everyone around you. Here is how you can wear the kaftan without problems.

About the Kaftan

The kaftan is a traditional garment which flows freely. This loose dress was originally worn by people from Middle Eastern countries, however, it has become some form of stylish garment.

When talking about what is a kaftan, we have to discuss the features and designs that make it a great garment to adorn. In the Ottoman Empire, wearing a kaftan is known as a privilege and considered extremely valuable among locals.

This kaftan garment was worn mostly during festive seasons, however, it has now become a stylish fabric that can be worn everywhere.

How to wear a kaftan?

Here are some good tips on how you can properly wear your kaftan :

Using the right fabric

While wearing a kaftan, pay attention to the fabric before going out. If you want to have a picnic at the beach, then choosing the one made with silk and cotton is recommended. These kaftan fabric helps absorb moisture and keep your skin warm at the beach. However, if you are going to a night party, satin, rayon, and georgette are great fabrics to consider.

Check the length size

Kaftans come to various lengths to suit everybody’s tastes. If you are wearing it to your office, then using a medium size kaftan is better when paired with leggings. If it’s just a casual outing, you can wear a short kaftan with joggers or jeans shorts.

Pair with bag

Since most kaftans look a bit oversized, pairing with a medium has or purse will look good. Just get a small purse or clutch when you want to wear the kaftan. Color is important, so you should choose a bag whose colors match the kaftan.

Pay attention to the shoes

If you are wearing a printed kaftan, your best bet is pairing it with heel shoes. If you don’t have that nude heels, wedges will be a good alternative to this beautiful garment. When you adorn this elegant kaftan to a party, pair it with a nice pair of shoes to attract the right attention.

Kaftan is a fashion wear which can be worn for any occasion. However, it is important to always wear it with appropriate accessories, which will help you curb the right appeal.